Genealogy of the Barcus Family

The Barcus family originated in Polotsk, Russia, 100 miles NNW of Minsk, in what was then the Russian Empire under tsar Nicholas II, and what is today's independent Belarus (White Russia or pre-Soviet: Byelorussia). We know of 3 children: Mary born 1879, Jacob born 1883 and Bessie born 1888.

1. Mary Barcus and Jacob Soloway (born 1880) married in Russia and had 3 children: Gussie born 1902, Lena born 1904 (married Paul Lipman) and Annie born 1905. Jacob arrived from Liverpool with the Caronia, Cunard Line, in New York, April 10, 1905. They had 4 more children in Brooklyn: Charles born 1909, Michael born 1911, Fannie born 1914 and Samuel born 1916.

2. Jacob Barcus and his wife Dora were born in Russia. Jacob "Bargus" arrived in New York, March 17, 1905, with the Noordam, Holland-America Line. The lived in Philadelphia and had at least 5 children: Gussie born 1908 NJ, Minnie born 1910 NJ, Max born 1914 PA, Sophie 1917 NJ and Florence/Fay born 1925 (married Bill Schorr).

3. Bessie/Pesca Barcus arrived in Liverpool, England around June 1906 and lived there for 10 months, before she arrived in Philadelphia, PA, on April 30, 1907, aboard the "Marion". Around 1908 she married Ike/Itchka Leventhal (born 1882 or 1887, Minsk; died January 30 1967, Brooklyn, NY), They had 5 children: Michael born 1910, Gloria born 1911, Rose born 1913, Charles (Kivie) born 1916 and Philip born 1923. Bessie died 1954, Brooklyn, NY. More info is available on this branch.

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