Genealogy of the Goldman Family

The Goldman (Dorfman?) family probably lived in Minsk, the capital of today's independent Belarus (White Russia or (pre-Soviet) Byelorussia). Minsk is the name of both the city and the surrounding province ("gubernia", or "oblast" in the Soviet time). Byelorussia in the 1800's was part of the Russian Empire (1825 -1855: tsar Nicholas I; 1855 - 1881: tsar Alexander II; 1881 - 1894: tsar Alexander III).
We know of 3 brothers: Joe Goldman, Louis Goldman and Robert Goldman.

A. Joe (Joseph) Goldman was already in England, when Louis came over with his family in 1895. Joe used to live at Amherst Road, Hackney, London E.8. The order and number of his children may be different:
1. Harry Goldman (used to live on Wadham Avenue, Walthamston, London E.17).
2. ? Goldman
3. Sally Goldman
4. Pauline Goldman

B. Louis Goldman married Sarah Brower.
Both the Goldman's and Brower's came from Minsk, Belarus. Louis was born in 1851. Sarah Brower, his wife, had relatives living in London (Mr. & Mrs. A. Brower, 22 Fairlight Close, N. Chingford E4; Mr. & Mrs. S. Brower, 5 Bridge End, Walthamston E17). Louis died in 1934, Sarah in 1950. Both are buried in Edmonton cemetery in London. They had 8 children: Rebecca was born in Russia, the others in London, after they arrived there in 1895. As far as we can tell, the name Goldman has died out in Louis' branch.
1. Rebecca Goldman (Becky, born 1 jan 1892 Minsk, died 6 sep 1965 London)
2. Harry Goldman (born 1896 London, died 5 aug 1966, London)
3. Alec Goldman (born 1897 London, died London)
4. Rachel Goldman (Raie, born 10 dec 1898 London, died aug 1987 London)
5. Emanuel Goldman (Mannie, born ca 1902 London, died 1948 London)
6. Annie Goldman (born 1904 London, died 1990 London; twin of Fannie)
7. Fannie Goldman (born 1904 London, died 1993; twin of Annie)
8. Dinah Goldman (born 26 apr 1910 London, died 1999) More info is available on this branch.

C. Robert Goldman is said to have gone Durban or Johannesburg in South Africa. Rumor has it his nickname was "Schwartzer" (black man) and he changed his surname to Schwartz.

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