Genealogy of the Levitas Family

The oldest known family member is Charles/Kivie/Kiva Levitas, died probably around 1920 in Minsk, Belarus. Charles married Tamara Kekone/Kekoen/Kacoian (daughter of William Kekone and Rachel, born in 1863 or 1867; died 19 December, 1940 in Brooklyn, NY). Tamara gave birth to 8 children: Philip, Irene, Harry, Ike, Israel, Issac, Edward and Rose. Address August 15, 1923: 1/4 N. Moskovskaja Street, Minsk?
On September 14, 1923, Tamara left Libau, Posen, Prussia (now Liepaja, Latvia), aboard the SS Polonia, for Ellis Island, NY. Her closest relative was a "nephew, Ruvin Oxendrug, living in Minsk at Teretsky barg".

1. Philip Levitas (probably born between 1879 and 1883) is said to have died young, approx. at age 17.

2. Irene/Heike Levitas (probably born between 1880 and 1884) was presumably hung by nazis, who occupied Minsk from June 29, 1941 to June 3, 1944. Irene's age was therefore between 56 and 64, so she could have been married and have had children.

3. Harry/Handel Leventhal (probably born between 1881 and 1885) was the first of 5 brothers to come to the US. He may have lived in England and married Kate there, but no records have been found. He may also have lived in Hamburg, Germany. Ike came over second around 1907 and lived with Harry & Kate for a while. Third was Issac who joined him in Brooklyn on December 28, 1909 when Handel Lewitas was living at 68 Hewes Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Harry was a lady's tailor. Kate died in the 1920's. In the fifties they lived on Cleveland Street in Brooklyn. Harry died in the late fifties/early sixties (address still at Cleveland Street), from complications with diabetes. Children (probably): Morris (married Lillian), William/Valvel (married Ruth; Canada?), Ruth (married Sol Thorne), Irving/Izzie (married Mickie), Julia (married Sam Allen), Philip (Outremont, Canada?) and Esther (may have changed her name to E. Kathy Hall; California?).
Some info is available on this branch, but sofar, efforts to locate members of this branch, have been in vain.

4. Ike/Itchka Leventhal (born 1882 or 1887, Minsk; died January 30, 1967, Brooklyn, NY; married Bessie/Pesca Barcus, born 1888 Polotsk, Russian Empire; died January 10 1954, Brooklyn, NY). Ike may have been married in Minsk, may have traveled to Hamburg, Germany and may have left a wife and daughter in London, England before he arrived in the U.S. in 1907 (from Canada?) as 2nd of the 5 brothers. Children: Michael, Gloria, Rose, Charles, Philip. More current info is available on this branch.

5. Israel Leventhal (born 1886, Minsk; died December 11, 1949 Brooklyn, NY), married Eva/Chava Kapilov (born 1890, Minsk, died October 1965, Brooklyn, NY, whose brother married Israel's younger sister Rose/Rosha), children Jessie/Chase (born March 1912, Minsk) and Philip/Favel (born February 1914, Minsk). Israel came to the US the last of the 5 brothers, between July 1913 and 1923. Chava, Chase and Favel left Libau, Posen, Prussia (now Liepaja, Latvia), on August 15, 1923, aboard the Estonia (2 weeks before Tamarah, Israels mother left from the same harbor). More current info is available on this branch.

6. Issac/Isaac Leventhal (Eisik Lewitas) born April 16, 1889 or April 15, 1890, Minsk; died March 22, 1969, Queens Village, NY) married Hanish/Annie/Chane Klutz/Lotz in Minsk (born March 10 or 29, 1890 Minsk, died November 27, 1979, Great Neck, NY, daughter of Noime/Naomi and Yale, living at Podzamkawe ul 10). Issac left Bremen, Germany on December 16, 1909, aboard the S.S. Main for Ellis Island, NY as 3rd of the 5 brothers. Chane and Joel (born April 10 ap 1910, Minsk) left Rotterdam, the Netherlands September 21, 1912, aboard the S.S. Noordam for Ellis Island, NY. Children: Joel, William, Kate/Clara, Clive/Kivie. In the fifties, a friend contacted Kate after reading in "Forward" that someone in Russia tried to reach an Isaac and Anna, with 4 children, whose names matched. Through the Red Cross they received a letter in Cyrillic. Anna corresponded with one of her sisters in Minsk in Russian. For a while the family send clothing to Russia. The correspondence stopped as suddenly as it started. More current info is available on this branch.

7. Edward/Azer Levine (born September 21, 1892, Minsk; died June 1965, Worcester, MA), came to the U.S. in 1910 as 4th of the 5 brothers (may have left a wife and child in Russia). Married Jennie/Marion Harris (born August 25, 1886, Worcester; died March 11, 1944, Worcester), children Marshall, Claire. More current info is available on this branch.

8. Rose/Rosha Levitas (born in 1893 or later, Minsk) was presumably hung by nazis. She was married to the brother of Eva Kapilov (the wife of her older brother Israel). One of her children may have been a doctor, who was shipped off to Siberia.

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