Genealogy of the Raftenberg Family

Abraham Raftenberg was born October 6, 1853 in Warsaw (in what was then the Russian Empire and now Poland. He married Sosa Lottenberg, born January 22, 1870 in Plinsk (probably Plonsk, 56 kilometers Northwest of Warsaw), Poland. On March 1, 1893, they arrived in Dinxperlo, the Netherlands. They had 5 children:

1. Philip born 1893 Dinxperlo, the Netherlands. Changed his name to Philip Phillips. Married Julia Geetleman (Zelda) and had a son and daughter: Alec and Norma. He died 1945 Bournemouth, UK.

2. Jacob born 1895 Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Changed his name to Jacob "Raynor" (Jack/Jon). Married Marie Friedlander and had a son and daughter: Murray and Anita. He died 1950 London, UK.

3. Deborah born 1898, London, UK. Married Harry Goldman and had 2 daughters: Marion and Shirley. She died 1970 London. More info is available on this branch.

4. Ada born 1900 London, UK. Married Veza Sherman and had 2 sons: David and Charles. She died 1984 London.

5. Minnie born 1902 London, UK. Married David Lask and had a 2 daughters: Shirley and Bernice. She died 1981.

The Raftenberg and Pillips names have died out and Raynor will probably too. If you have or need more information about his family, please contact me.

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