Tekst van Vademecum voor Nederlands-Nieuw-Guinea, 1956 komt binnenkort!

  • Biak, Capital of the Geelvinkbay division and the Schouten Islands subdivision.
    Source: Handbook on Netherlands New Guinea, 1958
    Population Papuans Europeans Asiatics Total
    Subdivision 32,800 2,629 541 35,970
    Capital 2,652 2,614 424 5,690
    In the same way as Hollandia, Biak was of little significance before world war II. It became well known because of its role during the war. It combined a useful port with ideal airbase conditions: a wide coastal plain and no mountains nearby.
    These same advantages now enable Biak to play an important role in the development of Netherlands New Guinea. Biak is a port of call on the Amsterdam-Sydney run of KLM, Royal Dutch Air Lines. The intercontinental air port, wich can receive very large planes, has also developed into an important nerve-center for internal air traffic. The Naval Air Force also has its base at Biak. All these features combine to give Biak its particular character. There is much activity but that is not the main thing. There is a constant flow of travelers to and from the interior and to and from the Netherlands. Therefore at Biak one does not feel isolated or out of touch with the rest of the world.
    Biak is still in the process of rapid expansion and development. Much construction work is going on and all sorts of installations are being built. Things are happening at Biak, it is a dynamic little place.

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