Tekst van Vademecum voor Nederlands-Nieuw-Guinea, 1956 komt binnenkort!

  • Capital of the division of South New Guinea and the Merauke subdivision.
    Source: Handbook on Netherlands New Guinea, 1958
    Population Papuans Europeans Asiatics Total
    Subdivision 18,122 573 4,003 22,698
    Capital 475 496 2,092 3,063
    Merauke is the capital of the Division of South New Guinea and of the subdivision of Merauke. It has been built on a number of sandbars, stretching along the beach. Excepting these small elevations, this part of the southern lowlands is almost flat. Here the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart established their first station in 1905. Merauke has since been an important mission center.
    The Kumbe experimental rice farm is located at some 18 miles from here. It has caused much extra activity in the town. Merauke is also the site of an important stock breeding project.
    Once every four weeks vessels of the Royal Packet Steamship Company call at the port carrying goods from Hollandia and Sorong. Once every week there is a connection by air with Hollandia.

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