Tanah Merah

Tekst van Vademecum voor Nederlands-Nieuw-Guinea, 1956 komt binnenkort!

  • Tanah Merah, Capital of the Upper-Digul subdivision.
    Source: Handbook on Netherlands New Guinea, 1958
    Population Papuans Europeans Asiatics Total
    Subdivision 49 573 94 9267
    Capital 295 48 94 437
    Capital of the subdivision of Upper-Digul, Tanah Merah is located more than three hundred miles inland on the Digul River. This artery of South New Guinea is navigable for even large coasters up to this town. Tanah Merah is linked by a regular bi-weekly air service with Merauke.
    A housebuilding program was recently started in order to furnish accommodation to the growing community.

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