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Professional Genealogist

Peter van der Heijden
24 Copper Beech Circle
White Plains, NY 10605
Specialty: General genealogical, historical and Jewish research, due diligence and probate research, in Westchester County (NY), New York City and the Netherlands.
Services: Translation (Dutch, German, French), web master (APG web master 1998-2004), paleography (New Netherlands documents), problem solving.
Bio: Peter was born in Hollandia, New Guinea and inherited the genealogy gene from his father, who published 8 books about 7 ancestral families in the Netherlands, written numerous genealogical articles and researched his wife's descendancy from Charlemagne. In the US since 1985, Peter compiled information on 4 ancestral families of his wife. He became a member of the APG, Association of Professional Genealogists in 1997 till 2016 and was its webmaster 1998-2004.

Understanding between Peter van der Heijden (researcher) and the client:
Project description: ....
Fee structure: I estimate this project to take about .. hours @ $.., totaling $.., prepayment. The project should take about .. weeks to complete. If the project takes less hours, the difference will be refunded; if it needs more time, the client will be informed with a status report by e-mail or USPS. The final information will be provided by e-mail or USPS. Possible additional charges: copying ($.. per page) and/or mailing of project results.
The client is aware that he/she pays for the hours spent on the project, with no guarantee of results.
Note: Peter recently accepted a full-time non-genealogy job, which currently leaves him little time for major research.

The Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) is an independent organization with more than 1,700 members worldwide, since 1979, whose principal purpose is to support professional genealogists in all phases of their work: from the amateur genealogist wishing to turn knowledge and skill into a vocation, to the experienced professional seeking to exchange ideas with colleagues and to upgrade the profession as a whole. The association also seeks to protect the interests of those engaging in the services of the professional. Membership is open to any person or institution willing to support the objectives and the APG code of ethics.
The New York Metro Chapter of APG was formed in 1990 and includes New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ) and Connecticut (CT). Members of this group are all members of APG and charge fees for their services. Nearly all members conduct research in local repositories such as City & County Clerk's Offices, Civil/Supreme/Superior/Surrogate's Courts, Historical Societies, Municipal Archives, National Archives Northeast Region (NARA), New York City & State Department of Health - Bureau of Vital Statistics, New York Genealogical and Biographical Society (NYG&B), New York Public Library, Center for Jewish History, etc. Many have geographic and ethnic specialties outside the New York area. Members are also active in teaching, lecturing, publishing, and volunteering. Neither the New York Metro Chapter of APG nor the APG assume responsibility for research work contracted through this listing.

Check "Hiring a Professional" about what to expect.
Questions or complaints should be directed to the professional first. Misunderstandings can occur on either side but can usually be resolved quickly. In the unlikely event a difficulty is not resolved, notify the organization or person who made the original referral and tell the genealogist you have done so. The Association of Professional Genealogists offers a confidential arbitration service for both clients and professionals when the professional is an APG member.

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